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Day to Day Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Megan first met him when she was just 18 years old in 1988. Her sister gave her concert tickets for her 18th birthday. Having just turned 18 Megan was so full of life, so full of energy. A naturally pretty girl and somewhat out going and so looked forward to the excitement of a concert. Thankfully the concert was a seated one as they had tickets for the second row, other wise they would have been in the mosh pit, and more than likely been pushed back by those people who always insisted in getting themselves to the front row no matter what. Megan took her best friend Krystal as usual. For as long as Megan could remember her and Krystal were inseparable, they were almost joined at the hip.

The 2 young girls had fits of giggles as they progressed in the queue to get in the door of the arena. Finally making their way in they got their seats and waited very impatiently for the show to begin. The stage area was huge, with lights and speakers, Jon’s white microphone stand Richie’s guitars, David’s keyboards and Tico’s drums along with other instruments. Any minute now their fantasy man would be on stage not 10 feet in front of them.

As expected the concert was the highlight of their life to date. Jon was gorgeous there was no doubting that. He wore tight leather pants and a very pale almost faded in colour muscle top, with boots and a long coat. He had long unruly hair which just added to his sex appeal. He made eye contact with Megan many times during the night. Even giving her a wink on the odd occasion. At 26 he was every school girls dream. And he knew it.

The show ended much too soon, to the extreme disappointment of everyone present. It wasn't long before the chants were going up for more. Everyone wanted more. Megan was no exception. She wanted more and began to shout out along with every one else. Everyone began jumping and the seats were vibrating from the noise that was made. Minutes went by and there was still no appearance from the band. The lights had not come on yet though so the audience knew something was going to happen.

Krystal saw a torch light in the darkness coming from the wings in front of the stage. She nudged Megan to ask her if she saw it too. Which she did. They watched the light get closer and closer, before it stopped right in front of them. A rather large tall man gently grabbing Megan’s hand and placed a small note in it while he shone the torchlight so she could read it. The note had directions on how to get back stage after the final song had been performed. Showing it to Krystal both girls jumped up and down with excitement. The crowd were still screaming for more. They were chanting and clapping, and just when it seemed like they weren't coming back out Richie silenced them all by strumming his guitar at the same time as Tico hit the drums in the darkness quietening the audience in an instant. The lights came back on and Jon finally ran on stage to the horrendous applause of the entire boisterous crowd. He had changed his clothes. Grabbing the microphone he launched into song pleasing the crowd immensely while keeping eye contact with Megan for long periods as he sang. He sang two other songs which she can't even remember now before taking their bows and exiting the stage. The girls watched him as he walked off the stage and just as he got to the edge before he was out of sight he looked back and raised his arm and pointed at her in acknowledgement.

The lights came on and nervously the girls remained where they were to allow the crowd to leave before they made their move. Taking the note out of her pocket they followed the directions carefully. Coming to a room marked employees Megan knocked. A loud, "come in" was called from the other side of the door. Not really sure what they were getting themselves into both girls did a silent giggle and pushed the door open. They found the entire band still hi-fiving each other and congratulating themselves on a great show. Turning in the direction of the girls Jon stopped and said, "Well hello ladies" Making his way over to them he continued "Thanks for joining us. I'd introduce us all but I think you already know our names. Taking hold of Megan’s hand he said, "What might your name be lovely lady?" He was smooth, very smooth. And she absorbed it all.

However, feeling greatly intimidated she struggled to find her voice, "Megan Johnson and this is my best friend Krystal Falcon" she said still holding with Jon's hand in hers.

Introductions were made to the others while the girls sat on a sofa and waited for a drink to be handed to them. Thankfully both were just old enough to drink alcohol legally. They enjoyed getting up close and personal with the guys and had to pinch themselves from time to time to make sure it wasn't a dream. Megan had dreams like this all the time so she needed the pinch to let her know it was reality. Most were dreams of the imaginary kind. Nudging her friend she said what do you think the girls at work will say tomorrow?

Giggling Krystal said "They won’t believe this that’s for sure".

Over hearing their conversation Jon got the guys together for a photo so they would have evidence. He loved this extra time in the spot light. Something he had enjoyed for the last few years. He was used to catching the eyes of young women and had had his fair share of them over the years too. They all had. It was the lifestyle of a rock star, wasn't it?

It was getting late and both girls had an early start tomorrow. And Megan had a long day she had a few classes herself over the next few days. They decided to call it a night. Making their way around the group to say their goodbyes they expressed how much they had enjoyed the show and how great it was to meet them all. Shaking hands and kissing cheeks as they went. Megan leant in to kiss Jon's cheek the same way she did everyone else and just as she was about to plant one on his cheek he let go of her hand and grabbed her face and kissed her lips.

Coming up for air he said "So Megan Johnson do you have a phone number?” Still catching her breath she gave him her phone number and left shortly after.


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